TECHNOLOGYGlobal Quality Management

The standards of customers, quality competitiveness that goes even higher
- This is the pride of Cell Biotech

Proactive Quality Control

Acquisition of Quality Competitiveness through World-class Quality Management System

Cell Biotech is equipped with a world-class quality management system that achieves customer satisfaction and quality management. We conduct quality inspections within each stage from raw material inspections to product delivery to consumers. Cell Biotech has established a quality control system well fitted to each country as necessary to export to over 40 countries, including the United States, Europe, and Middle East.

Quality tests from entry of raw materials to shipment

Equipped with the latest test analysis and testing equipment

Placement of monitoring staff at production sites

Compliance with Global Safety Standards

In order to assure the safety of products effectively, Cell Biotech has been working to improve the safety of products since 2000 by acquiring global certifications such as GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, Halal and Kosher to export to more than 40 countries. In order to produce safer products, Cell Biotech is complying with global safety standards and strives to ensure safety and health of people around the world by applying strict self-standards.


(Korea FDA)

GMP로고 Quality control system that secures stability and assures quality level by specifying various requirements in product manufacturing based on good health functional food manufacturing standard.

(Lloyd’s Register)

HACCP로고 Regulation system to supply safe and clean food by preventing cause of hazard in food manufacturing process in advance.

(Lloyd’s Register)

ISO9001로고 The International Standard for Quality Management System established by the International Organization for Standardization.
MUI Halal


MUI Halal로고 Mui Halal Certification is an Indonesian halal organization and is considered one of the world's three major halal certification organizations along with Malaysia's JAKIM and Singapore's MUIS.

(Korea Muslim Federation)

Halal로고 Certifications granted to processed foods according to the Islamic law.

(Ko Kosher)

Kosher로고 Certifications granted to processed food according to the Jewish law.
GRAS Self-Affirmed


GRAS Self-Affirmed로고 A system that enables the manufacture and sale of food ingredients by determining the suitability of new food ingredients entering the US market through verification by experts in toxicity and risk assessment.
* Halal and kosher certification is limited to specific products, raw materials, and strains.