Start, Growth and Leap, Present and Future

2010 ~ Present

Present and Future

2010 ~ Present and Future

2023. 12
Development 'CBT-LR6 Feminine',
a probiotics derived from the Korean vagina.
2023. 08
Probiotics Exports Ranked No. 1 for 10 consecutive years.
2023. 07
Development of protein absorption synergistic probiotics.
2023. 07
Determining the mode of action of PP-P8,
a new colorectal cancer medicine.
2023. 06
Signed MOU with BioMe for the microbiome medicine.
2022. 12
Acquired a U.S.A patent for Kimchi probiotics(CBT-SL4) Drug Delivery System
2022. 11
Launched health food brand 'DUOLAB'
2022. 08
Probiotics Exports Ranked No. 1 for 9 consecutive years
2022. 02
Awarded as contributions to the food supplement industry
(Korea Food & Drug Administration)
2021. 12
Duolac® awarded 'Korea Brand Award’
(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea, Prime Minister’s Awards)
korea brand
2021. 06
Designated as an excellent corporation R&D center
(Ministry of Science and ICT)
2021. 05
'PP-P8' Microbiome Control Effect Found for the First Time
Publication in an international journal ‘Microbiome, IF=11.607’
Awarded 5th KOREA BRAND HALL OF FAME of probiotics category (IPS)
korea brand
Launched 'Cellbiome' program (Intestinal microbiological examination + Customized intestinal health care with DUOLAC)
Signed MOU with Psomagen for the commercialization of the microbiome business.
Completed the 4th plant (biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant)
Signed MOU with K-BIO for colorectal cancer medicine
2018. 11
Acquired patents for probiotics DDS (drug delivery system) and 2 types of recombinant probiotics for chemotherapy
2018. 10
Acquired patent for anti-cancer substance (P8) derived from probiotics
2017. 10
France branch established
2017. 01
LACTOClear® launched
락토클리어 출시
2016. 12
Awarded the $20 Million Export Tower
Designated as a Next-Generation World-Class Product
Won a prize of 20 million dollars export
2000만불 수출탑 수상
2016. 9
Designated as a Top 200 Most Promising Companies in Asia (Forbes)
The top 200 Most Promising Companies in Asia (Forbes)
2016. 3
Designated as a Sincere Tax Paying Corporation within Gyeonggi Province
2015. 7
Awarded the 'Technical Award' at the 2015 International Conference and Regular Conference (Korean Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology)
Designated as 'World Class 300' (SMBA)
Designated as a 2015 Forbes Asia '200 Best Companies in Asia'
2015 Forbes Asia '200 Best Companies in Asia'
2015. 6
Awarded the 'Chungmugong Prize' for Patent Utility (KIPO)
Awarded 'Chungmugong Prize' for Patent Utility (Patent Office)
2015. 3
Awarded the 'Gold Tower Industrial Medal' during the 49th Taxpayers' Day (MOSF)
Received the 'Gold Tower Industrial Medal' for the 49th Taxpayers' Day (Ministry of Strategy and Finance)
2014. 9
Awarded the Grand Prize during The 12th Money Today IR
Designated as a 'Best IR Company in the Small Cap category'
2013. 10
Completed construction of 3rd plant (end product production process) and commenced production
Completed the 3rd factory (finished product production process) and started production
2012. 12
Registration of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients LH(Prolac-T) and DMF
2012. 8
Registration of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients LH and DMF
2012. 4
Renewal and Launch of DUOLAC® brand
제 3공장(완제품 생산공정) 완공 및 생산
2011. 11
Acquired ISO 9001 certification (UK, LRQA)
Acquired ISO 9001 certification (UK, LRQA)
2011. 5
Acquired HACCP certification (UK, LRQA)
Acquired HACCP certification (UK, LRQA)
2011. 4
Designated as a KRX Pre-Hidden Champion
2010. 11
Awarded the $10 Million Export Tower and Prime Minister Award
2010. 9
Designated as a Hidden Champion Final Candidate (Korea Eximbank)
Obtained patents on colon cancer related technologies
2010. 5
Awarded the Best Small Business Award (Minister of Knowledge Economy)
2010. 3
Awarded the Best Taxpayer Award (Minister of Strategy and Finance)
Awarded the Technology Innovation of the Year Award (Frost & Sullivan)


Growth and Leap

  • 2008
    • 11Awarded the $5 Million Export Tower
    • 2Registered Dual coated lactic acid bacteria (DUOLACⓇ) patents (Europe)
  • 2007
    • 12Selected as a World-Class Product and World-Class Product Certification Company
    • 11월(MOTIE)
    • 5Awarded the Grand Prize in GS Management's Technology Management (KMAC)
  • 2006
    • 12Designated as ATC (Excellent Manufacturing Technology Research Center)
    • 11월 (MOTIE)
    • 12Awarded the $3 Million Export Tower
    • 11월Visit by the Danish Prime Minister (H.E. Anders Fogh Rasmussen)
    • 8Established Cell Biotech International (Denmark)
    • 5Designated as an Innovative SMB (INNO-BIZ)
  • 2005
    • 12Obtained GMP Certification (FDA)
    • 10Awarded the Best Practice Taxpayer Award (IRS)
    • 3Awarded the Taxpayer's Day Sincere Taxpayer 'National Tax Service' Award
  • 2004
    • 8Awarded the $1 Million Export Tower and Prime Minister Prize (MOTIE)
    • 8Designated as a Specialized Military Service Company (MPA)
    • 7Acquired HALAL certification (KMF)
    • 4Registration of Dual coated lactic acid bacteria (DUOLACⓇ) patents (Korea, Japan)
  • 2003
    • 3SDesignated as a World-Class Product and World-Class Product Certification Company
    • 3(MOTIE)
  • 2002
    • 12Listed on KOSDAQ
    • 4Obtained HACCP certification (Switzerland, SGS)
    • 2Acquired FDA Stability Certification for DUOLAC® and SAFELAC™ (USA)
  • 2001
    • 1Designated as a Suitable Company for Venture Business Overseas
    • 1Advancement Support Business (SMBA)
  • 2000
    • 12Obtained BGMP Certification (FDA)
    • 11Obtained ISO-9001 Certification (UK, BM TRADA)
    • 9Awarded the 'Presidential Award' for Venture Company (MOI)
    • 4Obtained Kosher Certification (USA)


Beginning of Cell Biotech

  • 1999
    • 12Designated as a Technology Development Pilot Company (KIBO)
    • 5Designated as a Promising Export SMB (SBC)
    • 1Designated as a 50 Best Venture Company (Korea Economic Daily)
  • 1996
    • 12Designated as a superior technology company (KIBO)
    • 10Designated as a Venture Company (SMBA)
    • 8Acquired approval for pharmaceutical manufacturing (FDA)
    • 4Established Cell Biotech International Co., Ltd. (Establishment of sales corporation)
    • 1Completed construction of 2nd plant (end product factory - GMP Facility)
  • 1995
    • 10Acquired approval to produce health supplements and special nutrition foods (MOHW)
    • 8Established Cell Biotech Cell Engineering Research Institute (KOITA)
    • 7Completed construction of 1st plant (Fermentation Plant)
    • 5Awarded the Excellence Prize of Korea Industrial Technology Fair (MOTIE)
    • 2Established Cell Biotech Co., Ltd.