Introducing Cell Biotech's Pipeline

World Class 300

The World Class 300 is a joint business conducted by the Small and Medium Business Administration and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy with the objective of cultivating respected Korean companies that contribute to national economic growth by securing the position of Leading Champion based on unique technologies and marketing power within the global market. Based on its world-recognized probiotics technologies, The Institute of Cell Engineering was designated as a World-Class 300 for the development of drug delivery platforms for intractable bowel disease. We have played a leading role in the creating of close-knit networks, pre-clinical and clinical trials through close collaboration with leading universities, government-funded research centers and university hospitals in both Korea and abroad. Based on our world-recognized Dual Coating Technology, The Institute of Cell Engineering has been developing a drug delivery platform utilizing probiotics with aims of proposing a new paradigm for intractable intestinal diseases.

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