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Clean, Safety & Global

Superiority on End-Product Production Technologies

The end-product production technologies of Cell Biotech are produced in accordance with global standards through the largest probiotics production facilities in Korea which possess capabilities to customize products according to the climates and food cultures of various nations. Particularly, Cell Biotech has acquired Top Global Competitiveness for product and process technologies based on know-hows in constructing production facilities specializing in probiotics to operate BMS (Building Management System) and apply flawless manufacturing monitoring & control systems.

One Stop SmartCare System

We provide qualified probiotic products through our One Stop SmartCare System, which covers strain development, production, distribution, quality control and customer service in accordance with global standards.
To guarantee security, traceability and efficiency of the products, the whole chain is mastered and internalized.

1Strain Isolation & Research Cell Biotech strains are isolated from healthy human and traditional Korean fermented foods. All Cell Biotech strains are safely managed and studied for various functional efficacies.
2Fully Automated Fermentation System Our fully automated fermentation process allows Cell Biotech to produce various probiotics products under a set of high-quality standards. To ensure the optimal state of living bacteria, we have optimized the fermentation conditions for each strain and established mass production facilities.
3Dual Coating & Freeze Drying To increase the survival rate of probiotics, all Cell Biotech products are protected by a dual-coating matrix, which consists of protein and polysaccharides, providing perfect moisture control for all raw materials.
4Strain Cocktailing Process The raw material is mixed using strain cocktail technology, which ensures the complete blocking of harmful external material.
5Finished Product Production We produce products in various dosage forms so that customers can select the products which best suit them.
6Quality Inspection With a world-class quality control system, Cell Biotech conducts quality inspections at each and every stage, from raw material inspections to product delivery. Cell Biotech has established a quality control system to meet different criteria of various countries, and this allow us to export to over forty countries including the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.
7Shipping All of our products are delivered in a safe and timely manner through our own logistics system. We are ready to respond to customer requests in order to provide the best possible service.
Our Probiotics Only Facilities

Core-Production Processes

Probiotics Facilities and Technologies Optimized for Powder Stick, Tablet, and Capsule Forms

Quality Control for All Raw Materials
02Drying & Weighting
Perfect Moisture Control for All Raw Materials
Perfect Blocking of Foreign Matter Inflow
Probiotics Loss Minimization


04Product Formation
Global Standard Production Facilities & Establishment of Processes


Weight/Volume Inspections by Product


Automated Packing and Quality Control through Introduction of Smart System
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