TECHNOLOGYFermentation Technology

Optimization of Probiotic Production with Own Technologies and Expertise

Fermentation Technology

Probiotic Fermentation Optimization Technology that Guarantees the Highest Quality

To ensure optimal state of living bacteria, we have optimized the fermentation conditions for each strain and established mass production facilities through continuous technology innovations as a means to secure global-scale fermentation facilities.

Process of Preparing Strains for Main Fermentation
Process of Inoculating Strains into the Fermentation Medium
Main Fermentation Process of Probiotics
04Bacterial Cell Harvest
Process of Separating Probiotics from the Original Broth by Centrifugation
05Dual Coating
Coating Process of Probiotics with Specially Formulated Coating Materials of Protein and Polysaccharide Using World Patented Technology
Process of Removing Moisture from Probiotics
Process of Grinding Probiotics into Appropriate Particle Size
08Probiotic Raw Material Products

Formulation Technology Backed by Science

3 - Genus Technology

Through our knowledge of fermentation and strain proliferation, we have created 3-genus technology, a synergistic probiotics formation which allows strains to grow harmoniously in the intestines. We use our specialist know-how on strain proliferation, and thus we are able to create an unprecedented synergy effect among our probiotic strains.


Probiotics Formulation Based on Scientific Analysis

As specialists in microorganisms, our microbiome researchers study and thoroughly test the function of each individual strain of probiotics and develop multi-strain formulations tailored to individuals of differing ages and situations.

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