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Cell Biotech  is a group of more than 300 microorganism specialists who focus their research entirely on probiotics only.
Based on our world-patented dual coating technology, we have created a probiotic-specialized "One Stop SmartCare System" to develop the best probiotic products with the aim of improving the intestinal health of people around the world.

Corporate Competitiveness

Cell Biotech is a company that concentrates on employee culture development and training.
We are a Global Bio Leader which leads the development of the Korean bio industry with a clear vision for the bio industry.
This is the true competitiveness of Cell Biotech.
In addition, we continue to research and strive to fulfill the mission of being a company that is responsible for the health of the world through innovation and creativity.

Business Philosophy

A technology-intensive corporation that strives to become a global bio leader based on advanced new technologies and ideas.

New technology
New Cutting-Edge Technology
Contributes to human society by developing the best products through cutting-edge probiotic technology and probiotic specialists.
Creative Ideas
Creative Ideas
Freely exerts creative ideas to develop more advanced technologies and services for our customers.
Challenge to grow into a Global Business
Develops into a global biotechnology company through development of next-generation probiotic and biopharmaceutical products.
Technology-intensive Corporation
Cultivates probiotic-specialized technology and creative employee culture for mankind and society's healthy future.

Growth and Leap

Cell Biotech has successfully acquired top-notch production technology and developed highly functional Korean-based probiotic strains. Through gaining capability to develop high-concentration probiotic cultivation technologies for mass production, we have officially entered into various global markets, including the United States and Japan. Currently, we are producing probiotic raw materials called LAB2PRO, OEM finished products, and our own brand of finished products "DUOLAC" being exported to more than 40 countries. Now, we are expanding our business area into antimicrobial active substances development and probiotic drug development to become a world-class probiotic biotechnology company.

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Cell Biotech has established a One Stop SmartCare System that oversees all processes from lactic acid bacteria strain development, fermentation, production of finished products, marketing, and customer satisfaction in accordance with global standards. We provide high quality products, quality assurance, and sustainable business management. Also, we actively cultivate creative employee culture across all levels of the company to operate efficiently as a probiotic specialized organization.

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