R&DFermentation Technology

Optimization of Probiotic Production with Own Technologies and Expertise

Key Processes

Probiotic Fermentation Optimization Technology that Guarantees the Highest Quality

To ensure optimal state of living bacteria, we have optimized the fermentation conditions for each strain and established mass production facilities through continuous technology innovations as a means to secure global-scale fermentation facilities.

Process of Preparing Strains for Main Fermentation
Process of Inoculating Strains into the Fermentation Medium
Main Fermentation Process of Probiotics
04Bacterial Cell Harvest
Process of Separating Probiotics from the Original Broth by Centrifugation
05Dual Coating
Coating Process of Probiotics with Specially Formulated Coating Materials of Protein and Polysaccharide Using World Patented Technology
Process of Removing Moisture from Probiotics
Process of Grinding Probiotics into Appropriate Particle Size
08Probiotic Raw Material Products

Probiotic Coating Technology

Cell Biotech has developed Dual Coating technology that maximizes survival rate of probiotics in the intestine as a result of over 20 years of research on probiotics. Dual Coating technology patented globally in Korea, USA, EU, Japan, and China has spearheaded a new paradigm in coating technologies. Through continuous technological innovations, Cell Biotech possesses advanced coating technologies for probiotics, such as Triple Coating and Multi-Coating, which are being utilized in various industries to create a new form of value in probiotic sector.

World-recognized Probiotics coating technology Dual Coating

Dual Coating
Probiotic Coating Technology Recognized by the World

- Development of pH-dependent release system
- Protein & Polysaccharide using unique probiotic coating technology patented across the world, including Korea, USA, EU, Japan, and China.
- Significantly increases survivability of probiotics vulnerable to high temperature, moisture, mechanical pressure, and acid such as gastric acid and bile salt in gastrointestinal tract.
- Maximizes stability of probiotics during production, storage, and distribution.

Dual Coated
Triple Coating
- Coating technology with additional coating of nanoparticles on probiotics coated with protein and polysaccharide.
- Triple coating technology ensures excellent gastric acid resistance, bile salt resistance and stability of probiotics.
- Possible to develop into various formulations as functional foods, cosmetics, etc., while maintaining the physiologically active functions of probiotics.
- Coating technology with oil coating added to probiotics coated with protein, polysaccharide and nanoparticles.
- Multi-coating enhances resistance of probiotics against heat, gastric acid and bile salt.
- In particular, oil coating effectively complements the intrinsic weakness of probiotics against moisture to allow for various formulations during product development.

Fermentation Specialists

Cell Biotech's Core Human Resource Development Program

Fermentation and all core processes of production at Cell Biotech are operated by fermentation specialists. Fermentation specialists are cultivated through Cell Biotech's core human resource development program, which is designed to raise specialists of various sectors in probiotic industry with a wide range of training, including profound knowledge on microorganisms, practical education and training at fermentation sites.

Fermentation Specialist. 01 Research Specialist 02 Development Specialist 03 Quality Management Specialist