R&DR&D Center

Introducing the Heart of Cell Biotech
- Cellular Engineering Laboratory

Korean technology that ensures the intestinal health of people across the entire world

Cell Biotech focuses specifically on researching lactic acid bacteria to ensure the intestinal health of people across the world.

The Institute of Cell Engineering is conducting research on the medical efficacy of lactic acid bacteria while expanding its scope of application, including health functional foods, cosmetics and biopharmaceuticals.

Cell Biotech is specialzied in studying on only lactic acid bacteria for the intestinal health of the world.

Acquisition of Global Competitiveness by Strengthening R&D capabilities

The foundation of Cell Biotech R&D started with our fermentation microbiology laboratory.
Since then, we have conducted research on optimizing isolation and mass-culture technologies with our internal systems
in addition to developing coating technologies for lactic acid bacteria.
Such efforts have developed Cell Biotech's Cellular Engineering Laboratory into what it is today.
Through the introduction of microbiology expert researchers and strain gene-analysis technologies,
we have established a future-oriented R&D infrastructure by strengthening our capabilities,
strengthening joint research with overseas institutions, and strengthening our R&D organization.
In addition, Cell Biotech continuously pursues the globalization of R&D competitiveness and research capabilities through the expansion of our R&D pipeline,
development of biopharmaceuticals and introduction of next-generation gene analysis technologies.

Institute of Fermentation Microbiology

Institute of Fermentation Microbiology

Acquisition of Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermentation Technologies

Development R&D Infrastructure

  • - Isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria strains
  • - Development of mass-culture technology
  • - Development lactic acid bacteria coating technology

Establishment of a Future-oriented Infrastructure

Strengthening of R&D Capability

  • - Recruitment of microbiological researchers
  • - Animal laboratory operation and lactic acid bacteria functional research
  • - Introduction of strain gene analysis technology
  • - Obtained ATC (Advanced Technology Research Center) certification

Cellular Engineering Laboratory

Cellular Engineering Laboratory

Global Bio Research Institute

Global Bio Research Institute

Globalization of Research Capability

Acquisition of Global R&D Competitiveness

  • - Expansion of overseas joint clinical research
  • - Acquisition of excellent researchers from abroad and strengthening of R&D organization
  • - Establishment of next-generation gene analysis technologies
  • - Expansion of R&D pipeline through development of biopharmaceuticals.
  • - Expansion of global R&D partners

The wolrd level of Research Capability