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Recruitment Process

Cell Biotech has a year-round recruitment program for each department.

  1. Application

  2. 1st Interview

    (by team leader)

  3. 2nd Interview

    (by management, CEO)

  4. final

    Confirmation on Recruitment

Application form

This is Cell Biotech's application form. Please download for use.

Work, Play & Family

Introducing Employee Benefits and Welfare Programs of Cell Biotech

Introducing Employee Benefits and Welfare Programs of Cell Biotech

Welfare Policies of Cell Biotech
Welfare - Policies
Holidays and Expenses for Congratulations and Condolences all employees Provision of holidays, expenses and wreath for occasions of congratulations and condolences for all employees
Physical Exams all employees Complimentary annual physical check-up for all employees
Self-Development Assistance all employees Assistance for self-improvement education/training for all employees
Club Activity Assistance once per month Financial assistance for club activities (once a month)
Overseas Trip Assistance - Complimentary overseas group tour for selected married couples (once a year)
Condominium - Use of condominium at membership price
Guesthouse - Use of company guesthouse for family events and special occasions of all empolyees
Commute Assistance - Operation of company commuter buses for Tongjin, Gangwha, Gimpo Hangang New City areas
Holiday Gifts - Provision of gifts for 'Chuseok' and 'Lunar New Year' holidays
Dormitory total 13 rooms Dormitory for selected single employees living afar (total 13 rooms)
Lunch/Dinner Gimpo employees Lunch and dinner at cafeteria (Gimpo only)
  • Provide congratulations and condolences money,leave and wreath
    all employees
  • Health checkup per year
    all employees
  • Support Job-related education expense for self-development
    all employees
  • Provide support money for a member of the club once per month
    all employees
  • Support for vacation expenses
  • A reward overseas vacation for slected team leaders with one's wife
  • Support Condominium expense(membership price)
    all employees
  • Support the use of Guest House for employee's family events
    all employees
  • Provide commuting bus in local area
    all employees
  • Provide a presnet on Korean holiday 'Chuseok' and 'New Year's Day'
    all employees
  • Provide dormitory and villa
  • Provide lunch and dinner at cafeteria(Gimpo)