BrandONLY ONE Duolac

Duolac has been developed by 20-year know-how of microbiological expert group

Probiotic professional brand duo rock developed based on
know-how accumulated over 20 years


World Patent Probiotics

  • 1. The important thing is the coating technology that can survive the field, not the number of lactic acid bacteria.
  • 2. Duolac has been recognized worldwide with patented dual coating technology.
  • 3. Acquired worldwide patents in Korea, USA, Europe, Japan and China


Safety-certified Korean Probiotics

For Koreans, lactic acid bacteria proven to be safe for Koreans is important. Duolac uses only verified lactic acid bacteria obtained in Korea and holds a number of human trials patents for Koreans.


Formulation of Customized Complex Strains

  • Strain cocktail technologies unique to Duolac consider the environment within the small and large intestines of Koreans as well as strain growth rates. Duolac also displays the amounts of key bacteria, including bifidobacteria, in ways that can be easily understood by consumers.


One Stop Solution

We strictly manage our products, from the development of lactic acid bacteria of world-class technology to the production of finished products and customer satisfaction services according to global standards. We are also doing our best to satisfy our customers.


Proud Global Brand Duolac

  • Proud global brand exported to over 40 countries across the world, including Denmark, the home of probiotics. (No. 1 in exports*)
  • Awarded $20 Million Export Tower for Korea Trade Day 2017 (Cell Biotech)
    ※ According to 2014, Korea Food & Drug Statistics Yearbook and Korea International Trade Association


Next-Generation World-Class Product Duolac

Duolac has been recognized as a potential global market leader within the next seven years and is supported by the government to cultivate world-class products.
※ Designated as a World-Class Product in 2016 - Sponsored by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency