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DUOLAC enters Denmark, the home of probiotics.


Distribution within the health functional food corner of Danish pharmacies after just one year of launch
  Denmark has been actively researching lactic acid bacteria from the early stages and its microbial industry is assessed as a high value-adding industry. Within a country known to be the founding nation of lactic acid bacteria, it is easy to find Duolac products because our products are distributed in health functional food corners of Danish pharmacies nationwide. As such, Duolac has passed the stringent entry processes of Denmark for sales in the local market. Such is the result of endless efforts over 20 years based on advanced technologies acquired after endless trial and error.
Distribution of health functional food corner in Danish pharmacy after launching one year national wide.
"DUOLAC" has become a household name product in daily lives of Danish people by winning their heart.
  Do you think people of Korea, the birthplace of kimchi, could accept kimchi from a different country? We can easily imagine that it would be very difficult. Nonetheless, it is commonplace to see DUOLAC being taken together with breakfast in Denmark, the home of lactic acid bacteria. Particularly, more and more Danish people can be seen taking DUOLAC with breakfast, snacks and salads. Such demonstrates how deeply DUOLAC has been familiarized with Danish people in their daily lives.
Duolac familiarly melted in the daily life of the Danish people.

Reillumination of European Probiotic Market


DUOLAC can also be seen at health functional food corners of Finnish pharmacies.
Through a multinational pharmaceutical corporation with esteemed fame and history spanning more than 120 years, DUOLAC's six products have been launched in the health functional food sections of Finnish pharmacies. DUOLAC was first unveiled through seminars and has increased its presence through TV commercials and various product information leaflets.

DUOLAC enters Singapore in 2015!


Launched DUOLAC Daily Vitality in Singapore in April 2015.

Launch of DUOLAC Daily Vitality in Singapore in April 2015
Cell Biotech formed a partnership with a local distributor specializing in marketing and sales of healthcare products to launch DUOLAC Daily Vitality in Singapore in April 2015. Before the official launch, Cell Biotech successfully held "GP Symposium" on March 21, 2015 in Singapore to introduce Cell Biotech and DUOLAC to more than 80 Singaporean doctors.
Market Expansion through Launch of DUOLAC Derma in May 2016
Based on growing sales and recognition of DUOLAC in Singapore, Cell Biotech launched a new product DUOLAC Derma in 2016. "Probiotic Symposium in Korea" for invited Singaporean doctors to visit Cell Biotech's headquarters and factory facilities was held in April and "GP Symposium" in Singapore to introduce the newly launched DUOLAC Derma was held for local doctors in Singapore in May.

Expands Target with launching of DUOLAC Derma in April 2016.

March, 2017 Duolac Travel Product

March 2017
Market Expansion by Launching onto OTC Market in Singapore with DUOLAC "Care" and "Travel"

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A Proud Global Brand Being Exported to over 40 Countries around the World Patented Dual Coating probiotic DUOLAC, patented in Korea, USA, EU, Japan and China, is a global brand being exported to more than 40 countries, including Denmark - birthplace of lactic acd bacteria.

Patented Dual Coating Probiotic Duolac, patented in Korea, USA, Europe, Japan and China, is a global brand exported to more than 40 countries around the world, including Denmark.